Hi there, I'm Kristy!

I never thought in a million years that "photographer" would be listed as my occupation. I've always been creative (I had literally taken some form of art lessons every year from 5 years old until I graduated high school), but all of that was more of a passion and a hobby rather than a career. So after high school I went to college and earned my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Speech Language Pathology. I had an amazing job for 6 years as a speech therapist in an incredible district, and then everything changed when my greatest adventure began - my miracle Jax.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, and struggled to get pregnant. It was emotional and painful and exhausting. But with the help of incredible doctors, nurses, and medications, it all clicked ... our sweet baby boy arrived and changed our lives forever. I fell in love with this new little life Shaun and I created, and it was like a flip switched in my brain. Being his mama was my job and all felt right in the world! And of course I had to document every second of his life, like every parent does, so out came the camera, and I haven't put it down since.

The one piece of advice I was given by every parent before I had Jax was to cherish every moment because before I knew it, it'd be gone. That's how I feel about photography. You need to document your life in the moment, right now, because you will never get it back. Why do we have photographers at weddings? Because we want to remember every moment that we won't get to recreate. But what about when you're graduating high school or college? When you're bringing a new little life into this world? When you're celebrating how insanely gorgeous you are? Or when you just want to capture the every day with your adorable and crazy family? Take the time to document the now so you can remember it for lifetimes to come.

As if I haven't already shared enough, here are 5 fun facts about yours truly:

  1. I LOVE DISNEY!!!!!!!! More like obsessed. I've been to Walt Disney World more times than I can count, and each time gets better and better. My guess is that when you're reading this, I'll most likely be planning my next trip!
  2. I could probably call Target my second home because I'm there way more than I need to be. Like I now have cashiers recognizing me....is that bad??
  3. I only just recently started watching Hallmark movies, and geez louise, I have been missing out!! I watch at least one a day, and they're probably better than all of the reality TV drama I watch. However, I'll never cut Vanderpump Rules out of my life, so the drama shall stay!
  4. I completely believe in love at first sight because it happened with my husband and I. I was cutting a mango at a party when Shaun walked in the room, and I immediately knew he was going to be in my life forever. Then we bonded over our love of Disney and the rest was history.
  5. My very first job was scooping water ice. My favorite perk was testing the 20+ flavors, and I loved smelling like sugar after my shift. I still prefer water ice over ice cream!



“I was not thrilled with my daughter’s senior portraits taken through school and then I had sticker shock when I realized how expensive the not great photos were going to cost. On a whim I contacted Kristy and asked if she could do a senior session with my daughter. We had some scheduling challenges but Kristy worked with us until we could make it happen. My daughter does not enjoy getting her picture taken but Kristy’s direction and enthusiasm won her over and the result was wonderful.”