For as long as I can remember, my parents, sister, and I spent a week every summer at my aunt's beach house in Dewey Beach, DE. We LOVED it - being so close to all of the action of the outlets, Rehobeth, all of the shops and restaurants - everything was practically walking distance! But now, as my sister and I are both married with kids of our own, the three bedroom home we used to enjoy every vacation started to feel a little too cramped for all of us. So in trying to stick with our tradition of spending a week at the beach together as one big Brady Bunch, we started the hunt for a new beach house ... thankfully after many nights of searching, emailing, texting, and calling each other to make sure everyone would be happy, my mother found the GEM of a beach house for our most recent vacay! We were going to Broadkill Beach!!

I had heard of Broadkill Beach before, and I always noticed it on our drives to the shore, usually remembering it as the beach right after Slaughter Beach (enter all the nightmares just from the names of these places, y'all!). Broadkill is situated on the Delaware Bay, not the Atlantic Ocean, right on the other side of a nature preserve, and it has one main street and one tiny shop. We heard that this beach was very reminiscent to our stay many years ago in the Outer Banks - very quiet and private - so I think we were all excited for the change of pace to the always packed and busy Dewey Beach! Our house for this trip was INCREDIBLE and has immediately tripled my honey-do list (sorry hubs!). The beach was private, which was a nice break from the crowds we're used to, but there were so many stranded horseshoe crabs, giant clumps of seaweed (they don't clear the beach every night/morning), biting greenhead flies, and stinging jellyfish (which were only attracted to Shaun apparently). Jax loved it though, bouncing back and forth between the sand and the water; really, his reactions on the entire trip made it easy to forget about the biting, stinging, and skipped nap times.

On our last night, we gathered the whole fam together for pictures on the beach, and it was probably the best sunset of our entire trip, with a beautiful hot pink sun (the photographer side of me was dying because of the pink cast on everyone's skin, but it was vacation so you just gotta roll with the punches sometimes). While I am sure we all got on each others nerves at some point over the course of the trip, I'm so thankful that we all had time to spend together to keep the vacation tradition alive. Every day since being home, our sweet Jax constantly asks to go back to the beach and play with "friends" (his cousins), so I think he probably had the most fun out of everyone in the family - he may miss it the most out of all of us too! Not sure what'll happen for next summer, but I think we'd all agree that we'd sign up for this house again in a heartbeat!!